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Each year many research works are done, to enhance productivity and employee’s wellbeing. But from last year many predictions didn’t work. Due to COVID-19 architects around the world are reconsidering what offices will look like, and how we will develop a strong bond between organizations and their employees. Many of these questions are still unable to be answered. Social distancing, video conferencing and working from home had completely changed the look of old offices. How many organizations are moving towards resimercial designs. Focusing on a more supportable workspace where employees can work in innovative workspace. Following are the top designed to look forward.  

Long lasting work Designs

Many designers are now working on resimercial designs to make a comfortable environment for employees feeling home at workspace. Using mixed textures to stimulate the workspace with natural lights and natural plants. Designers are using vibrant colors and ambient lighting. It enhances employee’s mood and their team productivity. 

Now several employees are working from remote areas. Many of teams work weekly from homes and some work from offices. Due to this your office space is not fully utilize and spending on new desks and chairs will not be as beneficial as you might think. Rather than that having an open floor space where assignment focused work zones will be more suitable according to current situation. Those days are gone when you allocate everyone to their specific seats and desks, now untagged ergonomic office furniture is more beneficial which anyone can use it as per their requirements. Provides you the level of comfort and relaxation while spending hours on your desk. Ergonomic furniture is the key of modern office furniture, enhancing employee’s productivity and maintaining organization trademarks. 

Ergonomic office furniture not only benefits organizations but now many organizations are sponsoring their upper management of these furniture items. To help them work more efficiently. Working from home makes it difficult to concentrate on your office tasks and routines. But having ergonomic chairs and tables provides you with a complete setup for your office. Helps you work in a more relaxed and comfortable setup. This furniture not only relaxes your body but it also minimizes injuries risk. 

Utilizing open space areas with more working zones empowers your teams to work remotely and more focused. Increasing their efficiency and productivity levels. Letting them work as per their needs, if any team wants to work on new ideas then they can work in brainstorming areas. Same as if someone is working on individual tasks then they can work in transparent cubicles. 

Team Empowerment Spots

Many organizations are now working on designs for free spots. These spots help teams to develop strong bond between them and can discuss their new creative ideas. Relaxing in free spots where they can ease their mind and body by playing table tennis, basketballs. Encouraging them to have discussions while enjoying a cup of coffee at comfy lounge couches. Designers choose relaxing comfortable color tones and quiet surroundings for these areas. It stimulates their energy level and morale. 

Installing Glass Boundaries

Due to Covid -19 many offices installed glass screens to enable physical distancing with more visual appeal. Dividing space with secure and safety measures. To let employees ensure safety and be associated with the organization. 

ECO Friendly Environment Office Furniture

Many new talents are now looking for companies having eco-friendly planning. Companies who are using long term Green office approach are considered more loyal towards employees. Many of companies using ways for long term savings, like energy efficient lighting, organic fabrics and water saving fixtures. Using original wood and stones in pathways gives more natural look. Using plants and trees gives an energetic look. 

Near to Nature

Nowadays people prefer more natural and eco-friendly colors aiming for calmness and comfort. Using beige, calm green and brown colors gives a vibrant yet relaxing look of workplace.  These colors help your eyes to relax and take short breaks while working all day on desktops. Having small garden portion or natural plants in offices not only refresh your environment but also gives a lively look of organization. 

Communication Gap 

Due to the current scenario many of us are limited to their home desk and get together and meetings are not taking place. People are maintaining social distance and focusing on monthly tasks. But getting together at the workplace with complete hygiene and precautions motivates them to see friends and coworkers and connect with them and do discussions. 

When it comes to designing workspace in its best way than Office plus.ae gives you solutions in every aspect. Providing you Custom made office furniture with the aesthetic look of modernoffice furniture Dubai. Maintaining a unique and creative look of your organization and providing comfy and chic designs to your employees. Who not only enjoy while doing their work but also feel more energized and relaxed. 

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