Bespoke Office Furniture

bespoke office furniture

Most companies are now focused on bespoke office furniture. They prefer their own design in their offices. Custom furniture will be very much comfortable for the employees too because they are designing it in their own way.

Benefits of bespoke office furniture

  • Bespoke furniture/custom furniture can be made specifically to fit any space. It can be more stylish and comfortable. It can be done to match the specific need of your business.
  • When you are satisfied with the furniture, it can help to increase your productivity and give you a more comfortable work environment.
  • Bespoke furniture will be efficient and reliable.
  • Customized furniture will be more affordable than off-the-shelf furniture.

Types of bespoke office furniture

Definitely, There is a variety of different types of bespoke office furniture, and each piece of furniture will be unique and special.

You can customize furniture in different ways, by choosing the

  • Wood
  • Wood quality
  • Color
  • Style and Design.

Based on these things you can create excellent bespoke furniture.

What is the process of creating Custom furniture?

When a client calls for a bespoke product in Office plus Furniture, our sales executives will ask what furniture type they are looking for. If the clients have their own design, our design teams will take a look at it.

They will do measurements. Create a 3D image/render image. And they will forward it to manufacturing units.

Sometimes, When the clients have no design. The sales executives will ask about the client’s requirements.

Undeniably, Office plus will give u a free design consultation. After the design, it will be forwarded to the clients. If the client is satisfied then that design will be rendered and will be sent to the manufacturing area.

What are the warranty options for bespoke office furniture?

Certain furniture brands also offer a warranty that covers both material and workmanship. In Office Plus the company gives 5 years warranty for egger boards. Obviously, the company custom designs the products with German-made Egger boards. We provide 3 years warranty for Chairs. In fact, we are cent percent sure that the Office furniture or the product won’t get any damage.

Delivery options available

This service allows you to have your order delivered to your door. Office Plus provides free doorstep delivery all over Dubai. Even we provide free installation in your office. However, This service is available for an additional fee when the delivery is out of Dubai.

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