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Byte Sofa
Nothing can be more relaxing than sinking into a comfortable sofa while having to be seated. The chester field design never gets boring and is always in vogue to keep the style fresh. Our byte sofa comes in a set of single, two seater and three seater sofa sets..

Sonata Sofa
Unique Styles. Modular Options. Contemporary & Classic Designs. Sonata sofa series is a classic yet modular set of sofa seating with a metal covered body. Office Plus Furniture has the most affordable options to suit your office space in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain.

Ivory Sofa
Buy custom made sofa sets from Office Plus at cheap prices in Dubai. Ivory is the modern sofa set which is all about comfort and style. Keeping you relaxed for long hours, Ivory sofa comes in single, two seater and Three seater sofa sets.

Pearl Sofa
Shop for the most stylish, comfortable, elegant sofa designs. Office Plus Furniture is your ultimate solution for customizing sofa sets as per the available space. If you are looking for modern and minimalist style design sofa’s, Contact Office Plus Furniture Now.

Rino Sofa
Comfortable seating awaits you when you shop Office Plus Furniture in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi, Africa. Office Plus Furniture offers most economical Rino sofa seating. Shop with our most modern design option giving you the flexibility to modify/ customize the sofa as per your office layout.

Lima Sofa
Looking for affordable yet modern and contemporary sofa in your office. Office Plus Furniture is the answer for your custom made requirements. Lima Sofa with wooden base legs gives your office an elegant and stylish look.

Olive Sofa
What about a funky yet a fabulous looking office set up? You can have that dream and best office sofa at Office Plus Furniture. With different color options to choose from and a vibrant looking environment in your office space is just your dream come into reality. Buy from Office Plus Furniture in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah.

Sapphire Modular Sofa
Buy from our best sofa collection the sapphire modular sofa. Office Plus Furniture will customize the modular sofa as per the layout requirement of your office. Sapphire modular sofa is available in different color options and also has backless seats, pouf and funky designs.

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