office colors – Effects of office colors scheme on your employee’s Psychology

office colors

Effects of office colors scheme on your employee’s Psychology


Ever wondered why you feel energized and vibrant while stepping into a vivid room? It is mostly due to our human psychology which is connected to our emotions. Office Colors psychology affects our behaviors due to which it is used in branding and marketing purposes.


Having vibrant and lively color combinations in your office shows the aspect of creativity and energetic organization. Just like vibrant color schemes increase your mood the same goes with dull and unattractive color schemes which affect employees’ productivity. It makes them sad and depressed.



Importance of office colors in office furniture

The office colors scheme impresses employees and your target customers’ choice and response. Color combination of the logo on your walls and the office furniture you install all affect customers’ and employees’ perspectives. We office plus offer complete design consultations and make office furniture in Abu Dhabi as per your desire.

Effects of Office colors on us

office Colors affect employees’ focus, energy levels, and efficiency. Having vibrant office furniture and walls will help your employees to work more efficiently and productively. If your organization is surrounded by dull and boring colors then it needs a makeover. Refreshing your office is an inexpensive way to increase your employee’s motivation and energy.


Office Colors Psychology

It is the phenomenon of how people are affected and their bodies and minds make changes while observing variant office colors. Many studies show that if you want to enhance your employee’s productivity, creativity, and team building morale then make sure you have inspiring and vibrant colors in your surroundings. Many colors impact many factors. Some inspire your mood and some colors impact your efficiency. Following are some quick guides for choosing colors in your office.


Office colors and their impact on us


Other than four primary colors (red, yellow, blue, green) there is a vast range of colors and their combinations.

Green office Color


These office colors not only enhance your creativity and uniqueness but also promotes brainstorming. Giving you a feel of nature and promotes calmness. It is best to use green color in a space where there are a lot of monitors and computer work is done. As it reduces eye strain and stress level.


There are several ways to add green color in your offices. Try adding plants and painting. Plants give a more natural and relaxed environment. Today many organizations have created gardens and small natural plants area. Where employees spend their time to have relaxation and calmness.



This color directly impacts your health as it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps in brainstorming and works orientation. Improves your employee’s efficiency and helps them to stay calm. It also improves their focus and productivity.


You can add blue-colored furniture to your office. Or you can add decoration pieces or some funky colored visitors chairs. Which not only boosts your environment but also give a friendly vibe.




These are the office colors of pleasant and welcoming mode. It can be used in any environment which you want to make active and creative. It helps employees to stay focused and optimize.

Too much use of yellow color can increase your appetite or can increase stress. Try adding a minimal amount of yellow color to your surroundings.



The color red makes you feel warmer about the temperature in your surroundings. As it increases heart rate and blood flow. It is best to use red in physical activity rooms like gyms. Or you can use a little amount of red color in your cafeterias to give a sense of warmth. office colors have a very high effect.




If you often feel exhausted and tired at your office, then adding orange color can light up your mood. As it helps you to feel more energized and it creates perfect creative surroundings. It also provokes your appetite.


These office colors give a sense of more space and help employees to think creatively. The white color makes the environment more bright and gives a vibrant look. Having white walls makes your rooms more spacious and wide. If you are looking for white-colored workstations in Dubai, then we are here for you. We deliver a versatile range of Office furniture in Abu Dubai with exclusive delivery. White-colored office furniture in Abu Dhabi gives a more sleek and contemporary look.



As a grey color, it itself gives a sense of sadness, and lack of confidence. Which you will never want to be with your employees. Rather than choosing a direct grey color, its combination with other colors can be eye-catchy. It allows you to have a light and bright-colored surrounding.


How to choose office Colors?

Above mentioned all colors specifications help us to have an idea about colors’ perspective on human nature. So try to choose vibrant and social-oriented colors schemes. This not only boosts your employee’s capability but will make your office more lively and dynamic. Our office plus manufacture variant designs and colors of work appliances ranging from executive office desks to modern design workstations in Dubai. Giving our clients every right to choose color combinations of their choice.

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