Office Chair – Different Ways to Enhance Your Office Chair Into a More Comfortable

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In the market, there is a variety of office chair that is trending. Some are modern in style, and some are high in comfort level. Many sellers are selling their variety of office chairs with many taglines. But many times it is not true that expensive chairs are comfortable. Office manufacture every office furniture item with various affordable and luxurious modifications in style.


Even an executive office chair is high-quality and has built-in ergonomic features. Can modify these by simply adding a few cushions and ergonomic features on the keyboard and monitor. To enhance comfort level, these modifications will make a lot more difference.

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A simple office chair is not enough:

Not just buying an ergonomic office chair is enough for you. It requires a balance of different factors. It requires height adjustment of your chair as per your size and your desk height. The keyboard and mouse should be at the same height as your chair so that your posture should be aligned and comfortable.

Sometimes it seems easy to sit straight and aligned on a chair, but it isn’t easy in reality. If one thing is out of alignment, your whole body will be in pain after a few hours. Especially your back and neck posture will be uneasy, and you will end up having strain.


As many office furniture manufacturers believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. Whereas an ideal chair is 29-inch high which can be comfortable for a 6-foot tall person. But people under 5-6 feet cannot lower seat height, and their feet cannot reach the ground floor. In such scenarios, office plus. ae provide variety and exclusive collections for every size and height of the body. We have the best office furniture Dubai, we believe in delivering versatile and modern office furniture in Dubai.



Seat Positioning for Office Chair


First, try to have a chair with built-in adjustments features. Raise or lower the seat height so that your feet can touch the floor, making a 90-degree angle between your knee and thighs. Try to sit straight and comfortably against the back of the office chair.

If you cannot do that, then try to add some modifications.



  • After lowering your seat height, if your feet can still touch the floor and are dangling, it is best to invest in a footrest to enhance your posture.
  • And if your knees are at a higher position than your thighs, even you adjusted the chair to its highest point. Then adding a seat cushion will give you extra support.
  • If you cannot make a proper posture while leaning back, then use a lumbar support pillow, which will give you extra comfort and support to lean back on the chair and have a proper posture.
  • Investing in ergonomic cushions braces your posture and makes a cheap chair more classy and pleasant.



Keyboard and Desk Adjustments for Office Chair


An ideal position for your keyboard is parallel to your wrist and forearms. Many people face quiet difficulty while using keyboards on fixed-height desks.


  • If the angle between your arms and keyboard is high and your forearms posture is upright, then try to raise your office chair height. Or you can lower the keyboard tray height to have a proper posture between the keyboard and your wrist and forearms.
  • And if you end up having a desk that is so low that you need to bend on it to type. Then it is not your chair’s fault; you need to have a taller desk, which can help you have a balanced posture between you and your keyboard.


Height of Monitor or Laptop Screen


Make sure to lower your monitor or laptop screen about 2 to 3 inches from your eyes level. So that you are not in an uncomfortable posture and not straining your back and neck on Office Chair


Most people who own a laptop have a bent posture of head and neck. It is best to use laptop stands or height-adjustable external monitors. Or, if you are using a monitor and unable to adjust the screen, it is best to use the monitor arm to make a comfortable posture.

And if you are seated to a parallel height of your monitor, then try to tilt the screen backward, which will help to have less strain in the eyes. Or try to use screen shield protectors, which will cause less pain in the back of your eyes.


Office plus. ae offer a versatile range of office furniture which is comfortable and modern in style. Our exclusive collection of all chairs ranges from operator to ergonomic office chairs. Every chair has built-in ergonomic features, which provide an experience of comfort and reliability to our end users. We are considered as one of the modern office furniture Abu Dhabi.  Our all collection is chic in style and exclusive in manufacturing.


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