Key tips to design an effective training room

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Key tips to design an effective training room

Just like waiting areas, training rooms hold a lot of meaning for employees and clients. It is a space where employees stay and learn. It is a space where employees collaborate, share creative ideas, and discuss. If you are the one looking to design a multitasking space, then we are here for you, offering you complete guidelines on design, style and which type of office furniture suits you best.

Following are some creative and flexible tips to make any room into a perfect training room.

  • Spacious: while designing an office training room, think about spacious accommodation. Before creating your training room, make a rough estimate of the number of employees you want to accommodate in the room. How many chairs do you need? Do you need whiteboard or online conference appliances? These all details should be finalized before adding furniture to your room. Which equipment do you need frequently? Do you need projectors or not? These all questions should be answered before furnishing and designing your space.

Office plus. ae provide versatile design and style of office furniture exclusive in quality and designing. Our functional style of office chairs that are perfectly designed for training rooms is comfortable and classic. You can customize the size, color and design as per your choice.

Floor designing:

While designing your office floor, make sure to look for a functional and trendy design. Sometimes, simple carpeting is all you need to renovate your training room and make it more appealing and stylish. Choosing a color that can go with muddy shoes or coffee stains is all you need. Another smart thing you can add is adding a low pile which will minimize moving chair noise and footsteps noise.

Adding lighting and fixtures:

as you are looking for multifunctional training rooms. Make sure to add lighting that can easily be dimmed or programmed, enhancing the overall room look. Adding direct windows and screen surfaces to have direct lightning access will give a boost to your room lighting and improve your look. It will allow employees to have less shadow while working from their chairs and tables. Windows are the best source of direct lightning as it reduces cost.

Installing modern technology:

To make any room into a training room, all you need is to add a lot of technology to it. For example, many of our teams and clients are working from remote areas after the pandemic. To stay connected, you need to have video and audio conferences. Or if any training is held within the office and to connect your employees who are working from home, you will need an LCD, wireless microphones and speakers. Whiteboards and projectors are a must-have in these rooms. You will need a laser to project on multimedia.

A friendly and creative design will go with your floor, interior and the type of work your employees need to do. It would be best to have fast network connectivity where employees could work more conveniently and productively. Our office plus. ae offers a unique design to our clients where our exclusive quality chairs for waiting rooms are designed with built-in power outlets which can be flipped for employees who are using laptops while working. This will minimize the cords clutter and will secure any hazards that are associated with tripping or falling. We are one of the office furniture Dubai manufacturers.


Another central aspect of the training room is to add tables that can be used for multi-purpose and requires minimum space. We are delighted to announce our niche designs of office tables with folding features with variations in shapes, including C- shaped tables that are convenient for every size of the employee. Its design is secure and creative to adjust your laptops and documents.


When choosing chairs, make sure to add ergonomic office chairs as their material is heat resistant and works best for every size of the employee. We are considered one of the office furniture designers in the field of ergonomic furniture as our experts pay extensive effort to design and style a product that suits your employee’s needs and demands perfectly.

Our every design of office furniture Abu Dhabi has adjustable features that give the perfect comfort and ease.


Interior designing:

While conference rooms or board meeting rooms require several executive chairs with a long conference table, at the same time, training rooms require a table that is in a round or U shape. That would be perfect for employees to have more collaboration, and it gives a style of student-teacher. This style encourages employees and participants to have more collaborative and open discussions. A well-designed office training room is all you need to have fruitful training and sessions for your employees.

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