Must Have Rooms Space in Your Office To Increase Efficiency

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A traditional office outlook considers main rooms including cafe spots, conference rooms, and reception desk areas. Now many designers are considering more open space and flexible areas rather than defined rooms. Now many companies are designing manageable spaces where employees can spend their free time and can do work more effectively. 

 Following are some space ideas for an innovative and creative workspace.


Quiet rooms in Office Furniture

Some employees prefer working in the hustle-bustle of open offices but still, they get a time when employees prefer to have a silent spot free from noise. Many organizations struggle to manage it but are unable to achieve their goal. For that, now designers have introduced acoustic pods. Where soundproof walls or glass is used. That helps to lessen the noise outside. Gives you a moment to relax and focus on your task with more concentration.

These are constructed in every size and design. It can be installed or built at the spot depending upon the size and space you have. 


Office plus offers sleek and single reception desk table chair designs, which suits best in quiet rooms. Giving employees a comfortable spot and a space to get calm. You can go through our online stores offering a complete range of office furniture in Dubai.


Breakout space:

A small space where 3-4 people can do quick meetings. It is a space for immediate needs. Like if board meetings end and a group of people needs to discuss sub-tasks then they can have meetings in these rooms. Where they can continue their discussions and brainstorming without outside distraction. 

These quickly adapted spaces are mostly the heart of open space layouts. T

hese spaces can be utilized for work purposes or just for informal group discussion. 

These are often furnished with casual seating which is flexible and comfortable. If you are looking for breakout room furniture then you can go through our sofa’s collection. In which you can get an exclusive variety of cozy yet elegant styles. We deliver office furniture in Sharjah within a day. 

These space areas are conventional and productive as employees get a chance to step out from busy routines while completing their tasks in breakout rooms. 


Recharge Rooms

 Among many modern office furniture layouts, recharge rooms are the most appreciated and exciting rooms. As it gives an opportunity to employees to stretch, meditate or relax while staying near to work. 

It is natural for employees to feel stuck or demotivated while working for full days. For that, recharge rooms are very convenient giving every possible reason to stay energized and fresh.

These rooms are designed to give a theme of calmness. You can install an office aquarium, fresh natural plants to give a garden look in these rooms.  


Study Room

A place which is specified for company employees to spend a time while researching or going through magazines to take some time off. Many organizations specified these rooms with books, newspapers, magazines, and many more. Some companies also keep company records and guides or their published works of the past to motivate their employees. 


Phone Booths

In open offices, a modern design of privacy is merged in the form of phone booths. These are very helpful for employees whenever they need to take a focus call or client call and need a quiet space. Phone booths are not only helpful for taking calls but it also offers a private spot to complete their task when needed. While stepping into this room they can have a private and quiet moment. 

Cafe mood

Arranging long tables with working desks and cozy couches with coffee tables makes a perfect spot for casual meetings. Adding natural light with colorful backgrounds and a vibrant interior gives every detail of an energetic yet comfortable space. 

Informal Conference Spots

Not every meeting needs a boardroom or conference room. Some meetings that are held within teams or groups can be conducted in informal conference rooms. Our collection of lounge chairs gives the best impact on inviting yet pleasant environments. Having casual and laid-back off seatings give a welcoming and relaxed posture. 

Outdoor Balcony

Utilizing outdoor space into a cozy seating option is a great way to give your employees a healthy and nourishing environment. It supports their productivity and self-confidence. Having fresh air, natural sunlight, and greenery with cozy seating allows you to work, relax, socialize or even enjoy your coffee. 

You can not fit every desired room into your office space. But above all mentioned creative and unique rooms give a productive office structural look. This physical workspace gives employees a sense of safety. Creatively designed rooms can affect their individual style of working and support them in their ingenious management skills. In end, productivity and dynamic working will benefit both employees and organization. Moving forward to a more creative workspace is a way to initiate a dynamic company. 


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