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How Oak Office Furniture Series Helps

Spending a lot of time in your offices makes you uncomfortable and unmotivated. For which many organizations prefer a comfortable and inspirational workspace for their employees. Having a comfortable workspace not only enhances your productivity but also helps them to remain energized all day. 

Are you looking for durable and reliable yet affordable oak office furniture then our office plus offers you a variety of solid oak office furniture at your doorstep. Our exclusive variety not only gives your office a new look but also makes it vibrant and classy. We provide our classy furniture items all across UAE, including our exclusive delivery to Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Oak wood is the most popular type of wood used in crafting the finest quality as it is more long-lasting. These trees grow more steadily which enables them to have a thick yield and lifelong. Oak wood is well known for being sturdy towards scratches, dust, and stain due to this it doesn’t require as much maintenance as other wood furniture required. Oak office furniture in Dubai is an investment of long term which you pass to your generations.

Two common Oak wood types are used in Office plus.ae furniture:

Red Oak: 

It is mostly known as “black oak” or “red oak” where it has color variation from creamy to deep brown. Red streaks are running in both color tone oak wood. It gives a look of stability and reliable furniture. Red oak is mostly used in office cabinets, flooring, meeting tables and can be used in chairs and desk

White oak:

Due to its color it can be stained easily and it is considered harder than red oak. The specialty of white oak is its water resistance, which is why it can be used in office cafeteria spots or for home use. White oak is considered more antique and vintage than red oak. 


Advantages of Oak Series

Purchasing oak office furniture is not a one-time investment; it is a long-term investment of your organization. Furniture made of Oak wood has many specialists but one of them includes its strongest texture. As office furniture is more exposed to scratches and dents, this wood minimizes the chances of scratches. Its maintenance is more convenient and less costly. It has attractive wood grains on it. It stands in sunlight and it is less likely exposed to sunlight. Oak wood mostly works for climbing. 


Oak wood provides calmness and natural touch to your office space. Makes your office simple yet classy. Oak wood complements any office furniture looking either modern or traditional style. With light and dark texture it helps to create your dream look. Oak is created by best collect of egger wood

The Oak Office Furniture Series:

Either you want to redesign your office or start a new office; we offer a versatile variety of Oak office furniture. Either you are looking for a desk or a meeting table. Our Oak Executive table stands out in any office room. Its elegant design makes it the center of focus. Provide you a complete space and surface to endure the weather and everyday usage. 

Another trendy office furniture item includes an oak workstation table which is not only spacious yet has storage capacity for your documents. It’s standing and writing desks options help employees to stay energized and productive. Provide you different styles and sizes making it possible to fit in every office. 

Our Oak Low height cabinet can accompany any office furniture, allowing you to store your files, books and other office accessories in one spot. Depending upon your requirements we can offer free design consultation and customization to our valued customers. 

Our oak round meeting table, oak meeting table, and oak coffee table complement every environment. Either you want to place meeting tables in upper management offices, where they are having meetings with everyday clients. Or you can have oak coffee tables in your free spots area, where your employees spend their free time. 

Office plus have expert’s team offers high-quality oak wood furniture to ensure reliability and aesthetics. Providing you both luxury and contemporary designs. Offers you a range of meeting tables, reception desk, executive desk, and low height cabinets. We purchase office furniture and we have many choices to make. We offer hand-crafted pieces at your doorsteps. All our oak furniture is made with solid wood ensuring the highest quality to our customers. 

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