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It’s almost a year since the world faced the COVID pandemic and while it is becoming a new normal offices and workplaces are rethinking on how to deal with this reality for long term sustenance. While it’s still hard to think how the world would look like post-COVID, but it is easy to anticipate that the offices and workplaces will not be the same as of yesterday. So it becomes imperative for the office furniture planners to design offices and their furniture sensibly. Looking at the prevalent global scenario, it is understandable that the we will need to exist with COVID and thus post-COVID office furniture becomes an essential need for offices to resume their business.
While we are still trying to comprehend what COVID has done to us and our way of working since February of 2020, we all agree that that we have all started to accept the concepts of social distancing and maintaining spheres of health around us while we work. And we at OfficePlus understand this. This remarkable understanding coupled with long experience in the field of office furniture helps us provide human centric office furniture designs that keeps your employees work comfortably and conveniently all through the tiring week. 

Post-COVID Office Furniture

This is the precise reason why we take post-COVID office furniture and office design in the right earnest. So while it has become imperative to maintain operational safeguards post-COVID scenario, it becomes equally worth considering the employees need to interact in office. They need to work together, they need to brainstorm.

Thus the post-COVID furniture has to be carefully planned and designed. It is important, employees need to feel cared for and heard. They want to feel safe in the environment that they are working in and that is ensured if the employees are not affected directly by the sneezing, coughing or closeness of their fellow co-workers. The important take a way —they shouldn’t get sick or get someone else sick. 
This is where the experience of OfficePlus becomes important in planning and designing your post COVID office furniture. 

And with our expertise we also ensure that this post COVID office furniture does not waste your space or incur unnecessary cost while maintaining social distancing protocols. That’s why our specially designed curved workstations combine safety and modern design while ensuring that post-COVID office furniture doesn’t to be bizarre or unfamiliar. With our stylish office furniture, we ensure that one you get all the harmony of a beautifully synchronized office while still ensuring autonomy for your employees. 

The modern workstations from OfficePlus are ideal for post-COVID office furniture requirements with customized and high quality features, that include:


Ergonomic chairs
Multiple options of design and finish
An array of pleasing corporate colors
Breathable fabrics
Adjustable height of curved panel


Our modern and comfortable workstations are part of the post-COVID office furniture solutions that will help you maintain the social distancing norms and keep your employees confident about staying in more secure office environment and staying fit.
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