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Wooden Office furniture or home furniture is made of mixed materials which are called composites. Structure of wood has exclusive features making it essential and classic for every purpose to be used. Wood is an essential material used in many industries. The main use of wood is in the furniture industry. But as today’s production and furniture manufacturing is increased and many manufacturers use other materials like boards, chipboard and plywood which are lighter and much cheaper than solid wood. Still valuable furniture is made of solid wood which is considered luxurious and costly.

A lot of people tend to purchase wooden furniture for their personal and commercial use. People are more interested in genuine wood furniture items. Many buyers are now looking at office plus for more unique and budget friendly original wooden furniture. Our craftsmen believe in originality and genuine products manufacturing for our valuable customers. 


Types of Wood We Use to Create Office Furniture.

Natural wood is no doubt high in demand and its unique texture and warmth is all about the originality of wood. Due to which furniture made with 100% wood is classier and it’s impossible to resist the attraction of real wood. 

Exclusive furniture manufacturers like (office plus) use a variety of woods in their manufacturing of unique furniture items. Every wood piece is a mixture of different varieties which makes a great difference in its appearance, color, texture and strength. 


There are basically two main categories of wood: softwood and hardwood. 


Hardwood comes from those trees which are leaf-bearing for example cherry and poplar and softwood comes from trees which are cone-bearing trees like cedar, pine or redwood. 

Hardwood is mostly use as tougher and more stable as compared to softwoods. Softwood is used in projects which include more detail and carvings, but these are more likely to get scratches and tear off chances. 

Our creative team of craftsmen and designers chose every furniture board material with very keen observation and great care. They chose every piece of wood considering all aspects where and in which environment this piece of furniture will be placed. Either this specific office furniture item is used in the lounge area or in a meeting room. Every situation and environment is observed. They also consider the vulnerability of any furniture item towards sun, scratches and stains.


Tango wood

It is a high quality wood having multi lines on its texture and its classy style adds an aesthetic look into your office. It is available in different species including variation of colors and designs. We offer a matt or glossy look of tango wood furniture. This is easy to install and its long lasting quality makes it more unique. It can resist scratches and wear tears from the environment. We provide a vast range of meeting tables, reception tables and  Office cabinets using high quality tango wood. 

Onyx wood

Its distinctive texture makes it popular among wooden flooring and office furniture. Its natural and vibrant layers on the surface are visible and give warmth texture without using any dye or polish. Its finale outlook is amazing and stunning. Office plus offer variation in Onyx wood office furniture manufacturing, including Office workstation, managerial Meeting tables and executive tables, meeting and coffee tables and elegant style of cabinets. 

Luxury wood

Luxury wood includes many different woods species and types. The one office plus used in its manufacturing and crafting is high quality and has great visual effects. But most importantly it comes in rectangular shape of planks which is mostly effective and beneficial for Luxury Executive table  , executive meeting tables  & Office Coffee Tables . The other purpose can be wooden flooring which is trending now. 




 Advantages of Office Plus Furniture

Our increased availability of office furniture is another reason that our consumers are drawn to office plus.ae. Other than many advantages we offer, the one that makes us outstanding in the furniture market is our key factors that we support. We satisfy our customers’ needs with top quality and reliability of office furniture. We offer standard furniture which is long lasting. 

Exceptional Look:

We offer genuine furniture which is exclusive in itself. Every piece of furniture is made with original wood and every piece is crafted with outstanding care and observation making it classy like none other.

Budget friendly:

We offer you complete design consultation. Give you the office furniture of your desire with complete customization. As per your preference we offer a cost effective furniture item which is not only unique but reliable for your future.


Today as Global warming is increasing and many organizations are working on eco friendly material, we as a market leading organization stand with it. We use wood and natural material in our production cycle. We offer durable office furniture which is comfortable for your employees and a long term investment for your organization. Our furniture is less likely to be torn off after a few years which means this office furniture is less likely to be discarded which will ultimately reduce landfill in your local areas. 


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