Why Virtual meetings are getting more important now a days

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Why Virtual meetings are getting more important now a days

Due to Covid-19 pandemic many industries and businesses have transformed. Office work has been shifted to work from home, a lot of stuff has been shifted to digital and virtual. In all this scenario virtual meetings and presentations are now part of everyone’s daily routine.

Many organizations are now working remotely, meetings are arranged virtually and business agendas have been converted into online. Companies have remapped their way of communications and redesigned their customer reach strategies.

As many things have changed it is risky to maintain productivity and accomplishment. This pandemic caused many crises and benefits for different businesses.

As people are working from home, face to face meetings have been shifted to online events; virtual meetings and conferences got a boost. Online meetings are more convenient and cost effective. People can work for offices while being in their comfort zones.
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Virtual meetings

There are many benefits of online meetings and conferences. But the main differences are that traditional meetings were time taken. You had to arrange meeting rooms & Conference Meeting tables and had to check the schedule of every one for their availability. Whereas online meetings are assisted by visual information and content. It increases the ways of communications and can share information with different time zone participants.

It not only enhances productivity and effectiveness but is very easy to approach for every one even on short notice. Employees can be a part of visual meetings from anywhere. Employee’s engagement level is increased as during meetings there are Q&A’s sessions and slides are shared. It will boost your social media strategy and increase your availability.

Guidelines to conduct virtual meeting

Things to Focus:

The very first step is to decide who our audience is and in which environment we are going to have a meeting or presentation. Delivering a presentation in an actual audience is way different than virtual presentation. You cannot deliver the same presentation virtually which you prepared for a physical audience, and will not get the same result. Because you are limited to the audience and the way of interaction is different.

Sending an invitation for a physical meeting and arranging it is way more easy and convenient. You don’t need prior preparations. While arranging a virtual meeting takes a lot of effort. You need to send an invitation and login details one day before so that everyone can check it. You need to have more info graphics in the presentation to make it more attractive. Before starting a meeting you need to take roll calls and ask about every sound effect and videos working or not. And how to reach you out after the meeting ends. These all things need to be prepared beforehand.

Technology appliance necessities

Virtual meetings have a unique aspect that it can work for giant business as well as starting business. You only need a laptop, webcam and a microphone to make it work. But for running a business you can use projectors.

Stay on course

Virtual meetings have pros and cons, but managing them is a key to progress. While attending virtual meetings some of them will be working from homes and some of them will be attending meetings from outside the homes having distractions of roads and traffic. To minimize these issues when you are doing online meetings, mute all attendee’s microphones and open chat boxes so that they can ask queries over there and you will be able to convey your message easily.

Protocols to follow

The best way to deliver a successful online meeting or presentation is that you need to remember that you are actually sitting in a meeting. Eating, drinking, using mobile phones or web surfing will not only distract you but it will also make you absent minded from meeting. You need to wait 2-3 seconds before questioning or answering due to a communication systems gap.

Carrying off meeting

To start meetings with agenda discussions make online meetings less focused. To minimize this issue, start meetings by asking questions about their social lives, their weekends and what there reviews are about today’s topics.



Key points

When meetings are ended, check that minutes of meetings are filled and other documents are completed. If you felt that some parts of the meeting didn’t go well make note of it, so that in future you can minimize it. Ask your teams for their feedback. If there is any technical problem then note it down and make it resolve before the next meeting.

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