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A comfortable mattress can have a great impact on one’s health. Solid mattress will not only lead to back pain issues but will cause sleep deprivation. Same as goes for chairs, on which you spend maximum time of the day. In offices we ideally spend 8-9 hours of the day and on average we spend 4-5 hours seating on chairs. Body postures totally depend on the way of sitting style. According to researchers poor postures are not the issue of infirm muscles or inactivity but it’s an issue of uncomfortable furniture. 

Poor postures not only lead muscles and spine problems but also affect nerves, heart and lungs. And in the near future many of us lead to neck and shoulders misalignments. 

Another important question arises that if any furniture doesn’t work for office furniture then which furniture is best for office use. 

According to the current trend and pandemic situation, Ergonomic Office furniture is a solution to every question. As previously discussed the word ergonomics came from Greek word referring to the connection between labor and health. 

One size doesn’t fit to all 

Selecting the ideal size of office furniture is significant in enhancing the productivity and wellbeing of employees.  Many organizations invest in Ergonomic furniture but many of us are unable to understand that every size doesn’t fit every employee requirements. Every employee has a unique body structure and different working routines.  Some of us spent maximum time at desks while going through paperwork and some of employees prefer height adjustable desks. To provide everyone their space of work is a tough job, going through a lot of options of Ergonomic Office furniture, sit stand workstations and height adjustable desk.

“Adjustability” is the key to consider. Organizations should have training or guidelines access to every employee so that they can have full knowledge access on adjustments of their ergonomic chairs and table. Every furniture manufacturer is adding and upgrading their office furniture levels and enhancing the comfort level to it. Organizations should make a wise choice while choosing furniture; they should go for that furniture which can be movable and can be converted to every situation.

Wellbeing and serviceability 

Comfort ability and features not only provide straight postures but innovative office furniture gives a tremendous look to the workstation. We Office plus .ae not only provide you a vast range of Ergonomic chairs and tables but provide you unique features in every chair fitting to your every organizational hierarchy. 


Adjustability levels 

Many chairs have different height adjustable levels providing ease and comfort while you are doing desktop work, maintaining your eyes level with the screen. Looking downward and doing your paperwork will put a tension and stress to your neck and shoulder muscles. Using Ergonomic Executive tables not only provide you a complete workspace but also maintain your body posture in the correct position.  Proper keyboard and mouse position also causes employees to lose their correct body position. 

Sunlight and view 

Natural sunlight and a great view also enhance organization efficiency and employees productivity. Many organizations had renovated their structures to boost natural light in offices using large glass windows. It makes employees energized and fresh.

Regular breaks

While having 80% seating tasks not only increase pressure on hip bone and back bone, but also causes high chances of obesity and heart diseases. When we talk about efficiency and effectiveness, sitting for long periods should be minimized with standing workstations. Employees should do standing meetings and discussions to enhance their body postures and energy level. 

Good posture increase efficiency

Maintaining upright postures increases productivity and morale. Bad postures not only cause health issues which lead to absenteeism and turnover ratio. Employees having bad postures are unable to concentrate and are unable to put their best in work. 

Ergonomic chairs 

Trending Ergonomic chairs are fully equipped with armrest and headrest adjustments. Providing seat depth and seat height adjustment gives your body complete support and minimizes back and spine stress. Armrest adjustments not only help you to maintain optimal position of arms and elbows. Many researchers recommend having an armrest on above height as compared to your desk. This will help you to have direct access to mouse and keyboard while maintaining straight posture between arms and elbows.

Seat height adjustment will help you to have a 90 degree angle between your legs and feet. Placing your feet straight on the floor will balance your posture and give you seat stability. This posture not only reduces body stress but also enhances blood circulation. 

Having a healthy and innovative work environment is as important as installing Ergonomic office furniture in your organization. From sharing 4 workstation to adding tech friendly floating desks helps employees to have a friendly environment and enhance them for group discussions and meetings. Ergonomic chairs and tables support your employee’s health and your organization efficiency. Decreases turnover ratio and increases their morale and credibility. 


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