How to Increase Productivity by Enhancing Conference Room

conference room

The conference room does not just include chairs and tables with updated technology installed in it. Rather than it is far more effective towards your employee’s productivity and their teamwork. 

Getting the right things and setting up on the right spot needs some guidelines. We are here for you offering you a complete guide so that you can have a perfect spot where our employees can have high productivity chances. 


Disadvantages of Traditional Style Conference Rooms

Already running traditional conference room style is no doubt used from a very long period. These meeting rooms are in the market for a very long period of time but the truth is that every trend and style has pros and cons. Which by the duration of time we get to know.Same as this following are some disadvantages of meeting rooms and in the below article we will share some guidelines to upgrade your board rooms. 


  • Arranging a big size table in the middle and setting four side chairs doesn’t leave much space for everybody. Where everyone feels congested and crowded. 
  • Having technology in a conference room is very convenient but placing LCDs and other video conference equipment at one spot can be clogged. Everyone is unable to have a perfect view of a screen that leads to a jammed outlook. 
  • Having an extra-large table for your meeting rooms can make a room more crowded. Giving an impact of congestion and fullness. Which reduces productivity and teamwork.


Some key points to upgrade your meeting rooms

A Better Display of conference room

Talking about the most important feature, a better view is very important while attending meetings. Having blocked views will lead to lack of understanding, your team members will have less interest, and will be unable to have creative and productive ideas which are required while discussion. All these factors will be affecting your team’s efficiency. The result will be less organizational productivity. Having curved or round-shaped conference rooms will be a lot better than a rectangular ones. Which will make it impossible for everyone to have a perfect view. 

We office plus assemble every style and design of conference table in Dubai. Giving our clients the best we have. We are honored to serve our clients with imported quality material we use in manufacturing. 

Investing in big Tv screens can be sometimes difficult. As it will increase your cost and will make it less visible for everyone on the table. It’s better to use two small television screens on top of each other, rather than side by side. It will give a better view. 

The conference room should be less jammed

Having a large conference room doesn’t mean that it should be packed full or you need a big table. A small table with an ideal setting can give you the best output. Getting a small table can adjust as many seats as you want. But always remember to leave enough space so that it doesn’t give a crowded view. 

Never place chairs in front of whiteboards or television, which will block the view of other team members. Always leave enough space so that everyone can have a proper view of important information. for having a proper space some offices use office Workstation in Dubai

Remodeling your Meeting room space into multiuse

Having a conference room doesn’t mean that it will mainly be used for meetings and board meetings. But you can have versatile uses of these rooms by just switching up some furniture, or changing the setting of furniture. You can have brainstorming, quick meetings in these rooms.

Having whiteboard charts or adding smaller tables in this room gives more opportunity to teams and note-takers. 

Fewer Distractions in the conference room

Many of us are distracted by many small objects and try to remove such obstacles which hurdle our team’s efficiency. Investing in better quality air conditioners which will be less noisy. Or fixing fixtures that are not working properly. Having quality and durable office furniture in Dubai can be another benefit. If direct sunlight is continuously distracting your employees then installing a proper blind on windows will be helpful.  

Influence of Design

Never underestimate the benefit of natural sunlight. Natural sunlight is always a lot easier for your eyes than artificial fluorescent light which ultimately causes strain in your eyes and decreases the efficiency of employees.

Adding light tone colors in your meeting rooms will eventually boost your employee’s moods. Avoid using sharp colors like red or orange. Using yellow or blue will increase calmness and acceptability. 

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