How to Select the Right Ergonomic Office Chair?

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Ergonomic Office Chair

 When selecting or purchasing office furniture many organizations make decisions based on cost, quality and reliability of furniture. Organizations aim to work on open floor plans where employees work together and share creative ideas. To work on it, providing aesthetic quality furniture to employees enhances their productivity and capability. For that, how many organizations are investing in Ergonomic Office Furniture.

Working from dawn to evening and sitting in an office chair adds a lot of back stress. And to avoid back and knees problems it is best to have ergonomic furniture for you employees. An ergonomic chair not only minimizes health injuries but also lets employees work in a more relaxed workspace. Providing best postures and comfort ultimately increases their productivity. 

Which Ergonomic office chairs should you choose?

There are many brands in today’s market providing every type of Ergonomic chairs in UAE for office use.  Not every type of ergonomic chair is best for everyone to use. It depends on one using that which specifications will work for him. 

Following are some ways to decide a best Ergonomic chair:

  • Padded seats

Best cushioning seats give the best support to sit. It is made with thick and mesh materials to help you sit for long hours. 

  • Adaptability

Ergonomic chairs provide complete versatility to adjust. Any person of every size can adjust it with their sizes and specifications. Providing adjustment in seat, headrest, height and its lumbar support gives a complete customization to its user. 


Office not only provides trendy Ergonomic office chairs but also offers a complete range of unique types of it. Following are some types providing you comfort and ease in your working routines. 

Alice Ergonomic Chair

 Alice Ergonomic Chair Defined high back chair with adjustable height and rotatable molded foam of headrest is available. This not only gives balance to the head and shoulders but also relaxes them. Black fabric seats with double tube designed plastic back gives a support to back and minimizes pressure on back and hip bones. Height adjustable armrests are installed and three lock synchronize mechanisms with tension adjustment is offered, so that anyone can adjust their seat and height as per their size and comfort level.

alice ergonomic chair

Butterfly Ergonomic Chair

Butterfly Ergonomic Chair, In this category it has dual flexible upper backrest which gives a complete back support while you are working on desktops or doing some paperwork. It also includes Mesh back and mesh seats which give long-lasting support to hip and lower back muscles. It has 4D armrest adjustments which can be adjusted in 4 different directions. Seat, height and depth adjustment is installed.  Flexible lumbar support is provided to adjust seat height. To make its design more trendy and chic, an aluminum leg frame is used to give a more elegant look.

Butterfly Ergonomic Chairs

Leo Ergonomic Chair

Leo Ergonomic Chair design is eco friendly as it can be used for both home and offices. Its specifications include both headrest and armrest adjustments. Unique element in this chair is that it has lumbar support flexed down whenever one sits on the chair. It provides ideal support to the body.

leo ergonomic chairs


Nello Ergonomic Chair

Nello Ergonomic chair is for Visitors or customers. People who tend to visit your offices can utilize it. It has bionics design and elastic mesh back black seat fabric giving padded support. Includes fixed arm rest support. 

Nello Ergonomic Chairs

Not maintaining good posture can lead to health problems

Having bad posture can lead to muscles and spine stress which ultimately causes blood vessels and nerves collapse. All this can lead to major back, neck pains causing headaches and dullness in routines. 

How to get a good posture

Not only Ergonomic chairs are the complete solutions to resolve health injuries. A correct posture is really important while using ergonomic chairs. Correct postures means that your body should be in a straight position. Balance postures, stable body parts without having stress on any muscle. If you are working in a standing position then your body should be in a straight line position. Having the best posture while sitting on ergonomic chairs gives the best result. There should be a 90 degree angle between your legs and knees. This will give a balance to your hip bones and back. Placing feet flat on the floor will give the comfort level to thighs and feet.  

Tips to use Ergonomic chairs on its fullness 

To avoid muscles and bones stress and arthroplasty of shoulders it is best not to keep your legs crossed. Sitting for a long period with crossed legs may cause back and shoulder serious injuries. It’s best to keep your feet flat on the floor. 

Don’t sit for long time periods and in the same position. Making your body in a motion with standing and sitting around every hour can help your blood circulation and will make you energize all day. For this many organizations are now installing Height adjustable desk and sit stand desks. 

Maintain your shoulder and back in a straight posture which will give you a comfortable workspace and will enhance your efficiency. 


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