Why A Quality Ergonomic Office Chair Is Important For Us?

ergonomic office chairs in dubai

Having a right Ergonomic office chair can affect your body posture and life. Spending several hours on an office chair had a great influence on your health. Wrong choice of chair can decrease your productivity and will affect your health. Health injuries will not be for some time; they will increase and will become lifetime issues. Decreasing your wellness will cause you more days off from work and increase in medical bills. 

Looking at all these aspects we should choose an office chair which is comfortable, well designed and safe to sit for long hours. Office plus offers you variation in office chairs you can choose from our executive office chairs range to ergonomic Office chairs or operator chairs. We offer a versatile range with exclusive designs and guaranteed comfort level. 


Why is a Ergonomic office chair important?

As we discussed above, there are many reasons other than health related issues which are caused by poor choice of office chairs. An employee can stay focused and relaxed when he doesn’t have an issue while sitting on chairs for long hours. In result a relaxed and energized employee will be happy about his organization environment and will enhance his productivity. A best office chair will help you to stay energized and you will be less likely to take breaks and decrease efficiency. 

Today many business owners are making huge investments in best and quality office chairs, following are some reasons.

Getting classic equipped ergonomic chairs like butterfly ergonomic chairs for your employees, will make them comfortable and will increase their productivity and efficiency. They will work and can concentrate more easily without any discomfort issues. 

Reassuring Good Posture:

Sitting on an office chair which is poor in design and uncomfortable for you, you will try to sit in every posture but will result in uncomforting and you will end up in an awkward position. Bad posture will result in bad health and ultimately it will affect your productivity and teamwork.

Another way to make your sitting more comfortable is by adding ergonomic cushions to your chairs which are available in different materials, offering you comfort and relax posture.

As many organizations are investing in ergonomic chairs, different employees consider it as a reward from the organization. Employees who have comfortable chairs tend to be more happy and motivated. Offering good quality ergonomic chairs to your employees makes them realize that their health is a priority.

Right seat height in an Ergonomic office chair

Right office chair depends on many features; some of them are seat height. Seat height should be from 16 to 21 inches from the floor. Person sitting on a chair must have balance of knees and legs, feet’s touching the floor. Seat height should be easily adjustable.

Properly adjusted seat height will provide you balance and comfort to your backbone, your thighs and knees. A good posture not only helps you to have better blood circulation but also reveals pressure from your knees. 

Having a lumbar support not only relaxes your lower back but also provides a grip to your back. Not having right lumbar support will make your posture more weak and you will have a high risk of future back injuries.  Having a quality and best chair helps you to have a great posture and lumbar support. This makes your inward back bone in a great shape and healthy posture.


Office plus chairs offer you complete support of back rest, seat depth and seat height. Making your posture healthy and letting you stay energized and in shape for a long period of time. Our locking mechanism of chairs prevents the back rest to have stabilized back posture and can be fixed to any angle as per your choice. We deliver exclusive delivery of office furniture in Dubai and within a day we deliver office furniture in Ajman. 

Every chair in our store is made of fine material. Seats and back seats cushions are made with breathable fabric, absorbing moisture and heat resistant sheets are used. This not only reduces sweating but it makes your seating time comfortable. 

Delicately designed chairs and crafted with care, our every collection of chairs is built to last long. Our executive chairs are designed exceptionally to offer comfort and support to your body while sitting for long intervals. 

Our every office chair item either it is executive office chair, ergonomic office chair or manager office chairs our every chair has a unique symmetry and consistency within your office. If you prefer to mix and match we have a versatile range of luxury office furniture and modern office furniture, from which you can choose and upgrade your offices.  

Our luxury collection and modern collection can fit perfectly with every desk in our collection range. Office plus office desk collection is flexible and distinctive in every aspect.

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